Top 10 Gifts for Crossfit Men

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Top 10 Gifts for Crossfit Men

Here are 10 guaranteed home run gift ideas for men who never miss their Crossfit or weightlifting workout. These are some of our bestselling, top-rated gym workout shirts, hoodies and hats as well as a few of our trending hot, new items. Rest-assured, your athlete will thank you for these gifts. Not sure? Read our customer reviews. Not sure on size? No worries, we offer free exchanges and a money-back guarantee. Learn about our commitment to our customers

1. Raise the Bar - Military Green - Men's Triblend T-shirt

All the best things converge in one t-shirt. Soft, triblend fabric; the always-popular military green color that goes with anything; and the motivational saying "Raise the Bar". Lift more, bring out your best and the best in others, and live your life to a higher standard. Raise the bar.

2. Republic of Reps - Gray - Men's Triblend T-shirt

Soft, triblend fabric in classic athletic gray color with heroic oly lifter picture nailing his snatch lift. We get stronger one rep at a time. Join the Republic of Reps.

3. Heavy Metal Weight Plate - Black - Curved Bill Snapback Trucker Hat

Trucker hat with embroidered 45 lb weight plate on front. It's simple, it's classic, it's pure badass. One size fits all for easy gifting, too.

4. Heavy Bars and Loud Guitars - Dark Gray - Men's Sueded Full Zip Hoody

New this season! It's made from a luxuriously soft cotton-blend fabric in a t-shirt weight and has a full-zip so you can wear it to/from the gym and easily take it off once things get rolling. The graphic is for all those who train to the glorious sound of a six-string turned up to 11.

5. Deadlift Diablo - Brick Red - Men's Sueded T-shirt

Luxuriously soft cotton blend fabric in a great looking brick red color that's hard to find in gym shirts. Any lifter who spends time behind the bar building strength will love the fiery Diablo graphic.

6. Feed the Fire - Brown - Men's Triblend T-shirt

Soft, triblend fabric in rich mocha brown color looks great with workout shorts or jeans. Any man who enjoys a good cut of beef to get his protein after a hard workout will love the graphic.

7. Hip-Hop & Heavy Metal - Black - Men's Triblend T-shirt

Soft, triblend fabric in black with crisp and clean white graphic. Perfect for the lifter who likes thumping hip-hop music with his heavy weights.

8. Join the Kettlebellion - Military Green - Men's Triblend T-shirt

Soft, triblend fabric in always-popular military green with gritty kettlebell graphic. If you're looking to move beyond the barbell in your shirt choice, this is an excellent choice.

9. Raise the Bar - Gray - Men's Long Sleeve Triblend Hoody

The soft, triblend athletic gray fabric of our t-shirts but in a long sleeve hoody shirt with our bestselling "Raise the Bar" graphic. You can't go wrong with this lightweight hoody. Let's face it, sometimes gyms get chilly. Sleeves are good.

10. Oly Lift Club - Black - Men's Long Sleeve Triblend Hoody

Soft, triblend fabric in black with timeless OLY LIFT CLUB block lettering. A simple, understated lightweight hoody shirt for the olympic weightlifter ("Oly Lifting").


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