Bacon for President T-shirt

June 22, 2016 0 Comments

Bacon for President T-shirt

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The presidential campaign season is upon us! Seems like you can't open your Facebook feed without reading about the latest misstep by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. All that thinking about the fate of our great nation can leave you hungry, right? And then you find yourself dreaming of BACON. Again. 

Well, if you're as serious as we are about crushing the crossfit workout, building muscle and feeding the machine, then you know you gotta vote for BACON. Bacon in the belly is one thing we can all agree on!

Hit your next workout hard in this ultra-comfortable triblend t-shirt. This funny t-shirt is a great nod to the election season and the paleo diet. And best of all, it's a premium, quality t-shirt. We know no one wants yet another cheap, scratchy, boxy cut t-shirt you'll wear once and then leave at the bottom of your shirt drawer for eons. 

BACON's the real deal and so is this t-shirt. Vote BACON FOR PRESIDENT!

Designed by Jumpbox Fitness and silkscreened by hand in Washington state. A genuine Jumpbox Fitness product.

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Women's Bacon for President triblend scoop tee t-shirt gray with blue pig red stripes

 Men's Bacon for President triblend t-shirt - gray with blue pig and red stripesTeam Jumpbox Fitness after a great crossfit WOD - Bacon for President tshirtCrossfit athlete photo - running in Bacon for President men-s t-shirt - gray triblend teePsyched for a great crossfit WOD - Bacon for President women-s tee t-shirt - Jumpbox FitnessMen's Bacon for President t-shirt by Jumpbox Fitness - workout fitness t-shirt

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Bacon for President funny t-shirt-s - men-s and women-s triblend gray with blue pig red stripes